NR 031 Tears and Fears

Amanda’s new medication has taken away her ability to cry, Nate’s housemate is afraid of burglars, and Leah rents a pontoon boat in effort to save her relationship from springing a long-distance leak. Also, a special message about what’s next for The Nervous Record.

NR 030 Spilled the Beans

On this¬†anxiously awaited episode, Amanda gives Leah a going away gift larger than Leah’s vocabulary – a giant grape Blow Pop. Nervous about her move to Cleveland, Leah stress eats half a cake while the ladies share some food-related foibles.

NR 025 Drum Break

Lots of crazy things go on in Leah’s head–but a moth dying in her ear canal definitely takes the cake. For it’s 3rd anniversary, Leah recounts the night she survived a jungle nightmare without tweezers or valium. Also, Amanda and Cordelia celebrate Pride Month.

NR 023 The Mistake On the Lake

Cleveland rocks the metaphorical boat of Leah’s relationship. Nate calls in and loses Amanda’s trust when he says he doesn’t like tv shows with “strong female leads.”¬† Leah explains why she’s banned from SeaWorld.

NR 022 Cult Fiction

Break out the vodka and/or grape juice. The Nervous Record gets graphic on the anniversary of Leah’s failed marriage. Murder! Animal Testing! Sex jargon! Pre-teen angst! Guess which one of those subjects makes Amanda cry…

Warning: This episode contains explicit content and spoilers for The Staircase on Netflix.