NR 031 Tears and Fears

Amanda’s new medication has taken away her ability to cry, Nate’s housemate is afraid of burglars, and Leah rents a pontoon boat in effort to save her relationship from springing a long-distance leak. Also, a special message about what’s next for The Nervous Record.

NR 030 Spilled the Beans

On thisĀ anxiously awaited episode, Amanda gives Leah a going away gift larger than Leah’s vocabulary – a giant grape Blow Pop. Nervous about her move to Cleveland, Leah stress eats half a cake while the ladies share some food-related foibles.

NR 029 Auto Body Experience

Ever have a moment in your life so weird that maybe you hallucinated it? Leah does at least once a week! She and Amanda share stories of car troubles turned creepy in this week’s episode. Also, the girls whip up a perfect recipe on how to sext from the kitchen.

NR 025 Drum Break

Lots of crazy things go on in Leah’s head–but a moth dying in her ear canal definitely takes the cake. For it’s 3rd anniversary, Leah recounts the night she survived a jungle nightmare without tweezers or valium. Also, Amanda and Cordelia celebrate Pride Month.

NR 022 Cult Fiction

Break out the vodka and/or grape juice. The Nervous Record gets graphic on the anniversary of Leah’s failed marriage. Murder! Animal Testing! Sex jargon! Pre-teen angst! Guess which one of those subjects makes Amanda cry…

Warning: This episode contains explicit content and spoilers for The Staircase on Netflix.

NR 017 Hug Rape

Leah’s anxiety in social situations is all or nothing: all crazy, and nothing normal. In this episode we talk parties, salutations, and the weird places Leah puts essential oils to loosen herself up.